Selection criteria

Selection criteria

Evaluating selection criteria is the way a selection panel assesses and compares applications. Your response should describe your qualifications, skills, experience and abilities to meet the requirements of the specific role. To be considered for a position you should provide examples of how each criterion is met.

Generally speaking, selection criteria are divided into:

  • Essential criteria: those identified as absolutely necessary to undertake the duties of the advertised position, in order to achieve the stated outcomes.
  • Desirable criteria: the identified non-essential elements of the advertised position ie, the stated criteria are necessary but may be learned on the job or through formal training at a later stage. A selection panel will consider desirable criteria particularly when the field is highly competitive.

The following provides a suggested approach to addressing selection criteria:

  • Describe your behaviours within related activities and situations.
  • State the outcomes, consequences or results of your actions.

A recommended way to do this is to use the STAR model:

Situation: provide a brief outline of the situation or setting.
Task: outline what you did.
Approach or action: outline how you did it.
Result: describe the outcomes.