Equity Fellowships

The Equity Fellowships are an initiative of the DVC(R) and the Equity and Diversity Strategy designed to promote equity and diversity at the University of Sydney.

The Equity Fellowships scheme offers three types of fellowships:

Mary Elizabeth Brown Brown Fellowship
The Brown Fellowships seek to assist university researchers whose careers have been interrupted by the undertaking of sustained primary caring duties. These fellowships are open to carers irrespective of gender. The Brown is named after Mary Elizabeth Brown, one of the University's first female graduates.
Matt Laffan Laffan Fellowships
The Laffan Fellowships seek to assist university researchers who have a significant disability, or have experienced a significant disability. The Laffan is named after prominent disability activist, and alumnus, Matt Laffan.
Isola Florence Thompson Thompson Fellowships
The Thompson Fellowships recognise that women are significantly under-represented at senior academic levels and aim to specifically offer women, presently at Levels C and D, opportunities to develop and strengthen their research, preparing them to apply for, and assume, roles at Levels D and E in the near future. The Thompson is named after Isola Florence Thompson, one of the University's first female graduates.

Lunchtime Seminar for Equity Fellowship Applicants

An informal session was held on Tuesday 21 April 2015 where past Equity Fellows and a member of the review panel with experience assessing several cohorts shared personal tips and advice on preparing a competitive Equity Fellowship application, and answered questions.

Download an audio recording (MP3) of the session, or individual presentations:

What makes a strong application?

Based on previous rounds, a guide to writing a strong equity application has been put together.

What makes a strong:

Previous recipients

Stacy Carter

"It has allowed me to move my career into an area where work is needed...I am now one of a small handful of people in Australia who is focusing primarily on public health ethics".
Stacy Carter

David Price

"The equity fellowships are possibly the best thing this university has ever done for equal opportunity for staff".
David Price

Alexandra Sharland

"The Thompson really tipped the balance for me: from a person with good ideas who was almost successful to someone actually achieving success."
Alexandra Sharland