Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship

2015 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Travelling Art Scholarship Winner, Julian Day, Installation view, Wh

Julian Day, Installation view, White Noise, 2015, Studies in Unison, 2014-15. Photograph: Kristina Shapranova

The Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Award supports an SCA graduate to continue the development of their practice through international travel. The $28,000 prize is awarded on the basis of an application and visual assessment by a panel of judges. Drawing from the wealth of talent from recent graduates, the Fauvette exhibition has cemented a strong reputation for quality in contemporary art. The recipients and finalists include some of the most prominent contemporary artists in Sydney.

Past recipients: Julian Day (2015), Jonny Niesche (2014), Vicky Browne (2013), Mark Shorter (2012), Alana Hunt (2011), Justene Williams (2010), Kenzee Patterson (2009), Will French (2008), Rachel Scott (2007), Jess MacNeil (2006), Huseyin Sami (2005), Judith Duquemin (2004) and Juliana Bartulin (2003).

Past finalists include: Bonita Bub, Lucas Davidson, Nick Dorey, Clare Milledge, Matthew Hopkins, Emily Hunt, Biljana Jancic, Tony Schwensen, Rowan Conroy, Jan Howlin, Helen Pynor, Tony Schwensen, Marley Dawson, Helen Mok, Stefan Popescu, Leigh Rigozzi, Suzan Liu, Lara O’Reilly, Kenzee Patterson and Teo Treloar.


Bonita Bub

Bonita Bub is a Sydney-based sculptor who works across art and architecture. She completed a Master of Visual Arts at SCA in 2012 and has studied in the Heimo Zobernig Class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

She has exhibited widely across Sydney including solo exhibitions at Knulp, First Draft, The Commercial and more recently exhibiting in "Lean Cuisine" curated by Hany Armanious at Minerva. She has been a resident at Artspace and the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award and Australia Council Artstart grant. 


Bonita Bub, Hilux, 2015, Knulp, Sydney

Bonita Bub, Hilux, 2015, Knulp, Sydney
Photography by Jek Maurer

Lucas Davidson

Lucas Davidson is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice combines digital and material processes. His current works examine our relationship with screen-based technologies, focusing on the convergence of digital experience and physical embodiment. 

Davidson completed a Master of Fine Arts at SCA in 2012. He has had solo exhibitions at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Linden New Art, The Substation, MOP Projects and Firstdraft Gallery.

Lucas Davidson, Happy Chemicals, 2015

Lucas Davidson, Happy Chemicals, 2015

Julian Day

Julian Day’s work explores how sound can reveal social, territorial and atmospheric relationships. He typically uses homogeneous sound to capture and instigate turbulence within such environments as galleries, parklands, churches, streets and homes.

Day has presented work at Whitechapel Gallery, MASS MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery of Modern Art, Institute of Modern Art, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, PICA, Dark MOFO and Liquid Architecture .

Julian Day, Requiem, 2012

Julian Day, Requiem, 2012
Photography by Emily Sandrussi

Nick Dorey

Dorey’s practice is inspired by alchemy. Through the process of chemical or symbolic transformation of found objects, Dorey creates wondrous large scale installations.

Dorey completed Honours at SCA in 2013, had his first solo show in 2014 and was selected for inclusion in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Primavera exhibition in 2014. He is a two time recipient of the Zelda Steadman young artist scholarship, recipient of an Australia council ArtStart grant 2014-2015 and is currently an artist in residence at Artspace.


Nick Dorey, The Perfect Heart of Robert Round (Death By Marrakesh), 2014, MCA Australia.

Nick Dorey, The Perfect Heart of Robert Round (Death By Marrakesh), 2014, MCA Australia.
Photography by Alex Davies.


Clare Milledge

Clare Milledge produces total environment installations that are process-based and porous. Her installations feature and elaborate upon her glass paintings and act as stages or sites for performance, textiles, wall paintings, costumes and sculptures.

Milledge completed her PhD at SCA in 2012. Her exhibition history includes solo exhibitions at The Commercial Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary, Kalimanrawlins, and the Australian Experimental Art Foundation.  In 2015 she is an Australia Council ArtStart grant recipient and artist in residence at Artspace.

Clare Milledge, Theoretical Regression: A Warm Sheen Against Received Ideas, 2014, The Commercial Gallery, Sydney

Clare Milledge, Theoretical Regression: A Warm Sheen Against Received Ideas, 2014, The Commercial Gallery, Sydney.
Photography by Jek Maurer