Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship

Jonny Niesche, 2014

Jonny Niesche, 2014. Recipient of the 2014 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship. Photo by Jessica Maurer, courtesy the artist.

The Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Award supports an SCA graduate to continue the development of their practice through international travel. The $28,000 prize is awarded on the basis of an application and visual assessment by a panel of judges. Drawing from the wealth of talent from recent graduates, the Fauvette exhibition has cemented a strong reputation for quality in contemporary art. The recipients and finalists include some of the most prominent contemporary artists in Sydney.

Past recipients: Jonny Niesche (2014), Vicky Browne (2013), Mark Shorter (2012), Alana Hunt (2011), Justene Williams (2010), Kenzee Patterson (2009), Will French (2008), Rachel Scott (2007), Jess MacNeil (2006), Huseyin Sami (2005), Judith Duquemin (2004) and Juliana Bartulin (2003).

Past finalists include: Matthew Hopkins, Emily Hunt, Biljana Jancic, Tony Schwensen, Rowan Conroy, Jan Howlin, Helen Pynor, Tony Schwensen, Marley Dawson, Helen Mok, Stefan Popescu, Leigh Rigozzi, Suzan Liu, Lara O’Reilly, Kenzee Patterson and Teo Treloar.

2015 Applications

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