How to Apply


SCA Scholarships are assessed on three elements:

  • statement of need
  • portfolio and
  • academic results

Online form

The first thing to do is express your interest by completing online application form and acknowledgments. You will need your student identification number and your university email address. Your student number is a 9 digit number which can be found on your student card (SID = student identification). By completing the form, you are expressing your interest in any scholarship that you are eligible for. You do not need to select specific scholarships.

Statement of need

Included in the online form is space to write your statement of need. Your “statement of need” is a brief explanation of your financial situation outlining how receipt of the scholarship will support your ongoing study. Your statement should be a maximum of 250 to 350 words long. I recommend writing your statement and saving it in a text file before you start the application to reduce the likelihood of having the session “time-out” before you have finished. You can then copy and paste the text in to the available space.

Information submitted on your application is regarded as private information and, as such, is provided to the Scholarships Subcommittee in confidence and is only available to a limited number of SCA staff and only through the administration of the Scholarships.

Portfolio instructions:

Please create presentation showcasing up to ten recent examples of your artwork in PDF format (all images in one file with a maximum file size of 5 MB)
Prepare a link to a website containing a moving image, sound or film work of not more than three minutes duration

Please include information about the artworks; title, media, dimensions, date, exhibition format or venue and, where relevant, one or two sentences providing the context for the work. All work should have been created in the last 12 to 18 months but does not have to relate specifically to your study at Sydney College of the Arts.

Academic results
The SCA Scholarships Subcommittee will have access to your academic results and will take these into consideration when assessing all applications – there is no need to supply a transcript of your results.