Galleries and events

Yvette Hamilton

Here/There, 2014

SCA Galleries play an important role in the life of Sydney College of the Arts as a resource and educational device for students and staff. By providing the community with access to a range of challenging and innovative exhibitions and events, the galleries also provide an opportunity for SCA to develop a public understanding and appreciation of contemporary art.

SCA Gallery

The SCA Gallery is a site for staff, students, visiting professional artists, scholars and curators to develop, experiment and present research and artistic works to SCA and the broader arts community.

Graduate School Program

The Graduate School Program hosts up to 8 exhibitions a year which explore the concepts, technologies and practices emerging from the postgraduate degrees.

Callan Park Gallery

The Callan Park Gallery for Self-Taught and Outsider Art is part of the SCA Galleries complex. Its mission is to showcase Self-taught and Outsider work of the highest quality in an ongoing series of exhibitions.



Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Sunday Punch Heidi Abraham, Vicky Browne, Eugene Choi, Stefano Di Lorenzo, Chris Dolman, Nicholas Dorey, Chris Fox, Will French, Liam Garstang, Hossein Ghaemi, Robin Hungerford, Harley Ives, Anna John, Richard Kean, Clare Milledge, James Nguyen, Koji Ryui, Huseyin Sami, Kate Scardifield, Ben Terakes and Justene Williams Thursday 11 February, 6-8pm

Friday 12 February Saturday 13 February


Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Roger Ballen Roger Ballen Tuesday 15 March, 6-8pm

Wednesday 16 March Saturday 30 April
Re-told Untold Stories Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Professor Feng Feng, Head of Experimental Department, GAFA
Professor Liu Qing Yuan, Senior lecture, GAFA
Yang Xiaoman, lecture, GAFA
Yang Feiyi, lecture, GAFA
Curator: Professor Fan Lin, GAFA


Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Postgraduate alumni exhibition To be announced Wednesday 11 May, 6-8pm Thursday 12 May Saturday 11 June


Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Fieldwork: Artist Encounters Barbara Campbell
Eugene Carchesio
Maria Fernanda Cardoso
Jeff Doring
Helen Grace
Jon McCormack
Carl Warner
Gary Warner
Catherine Woo
Williams River Valley Artists’ Project

Writer: Frances Dyson
Curated by Gary Warner
Wednesday 6 July, 6-8pm

Thursday 7 July Saturday 30 July


Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Femflix Animation program: Sarah Watt, Lee Whitmore, Ann Joliffe, Antoinette Starciewicz VNS Matrix;
Live action film program: Alison McLea,; Jane Campion, Twilight Girl, Jackie Farkas;
Special focus: The short films of Janet Merewether;
Contemporary installation: Elena Knox
Wednesday 10 August, 6-8pm Thursday 11 August Saturday 3 September


Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Future Straitigraphy Artists:
-Multimedia video works by Josh Wodak, Elaine Gan, Tim Collins and Reiki Goto;
-Sculptural and sound installations by Andrew Lavery, David Haines, Kath Fries, Sean O’Connell and Janet Laurence;
-Computer and field drawings by Penelope Dunstan and Paul Thomas;
-A collaboration between Prof. Ron Boyd, sedimentary geologist and SCA students;
-Works by SCA post-grads selected from an open call for works relating to this theme.
Wednesday 5 October, 6-8pm Thursday 6 October Saturday 29 October
Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travelling Scholarship Exhibition To be announced Wednesday 5 October, 6-8pm Thursday 6 October Saturday 29 October


Exhibition Artists Official Opening From To
Degree Show Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) students  Tuesday 15 November, 6-8pm Wednesday 16 November Tuesday 22 November