SCA Gallery

The SCA Gallery is a space for staff, students, visiting professional artists, scholars and curators to develop, experiment and present research and artistic works to SCA and the broader arts community. Through the Gallery we foster understanding and appreciation of contemporary art by providing a range of challenging and innovative exhibitions and events. The annual program features works by Australian and international contemporary visual artists, staff, students and graduates.


New Materialism

9 – 27 September
Official opening: Tuesday 9 September, 6 – 8pm

The New Materialism exhibition accompanies the 2014 Graduate School Conference, being held at SCA on September 9. The conference engages with New Materialism in Contemporary Art, an emerging trend in 21st century thought in several fields of inquiry, including philosophy, cultural theory, feminism, science studies, and the visual arts. Defined around the primacy of matter and its properties and actions, New Materialism re-works long-held assumptions about the nature of the stuff of the universe.

Visual art has a special place in this re-working due to its concern with the manipulation of matter. The New Materialism exhibition presents new work by SCA PhD candidates looking at the ways we produce, reproduce and consume our material environment
Artists: Madeleine Boyd, ek1 (Kate Williams and Emma Hicks), Kath Fries, Trevor Fry, Andre Hemer, Andrew Lavery, Elizabeth Pulie, Jane Shadbolt, Oliver Smith, Lachlan Warner


  • Curating Feminism (15 October to 7 November)
  • Undergraduate Degree Show (18 November to 25 November)
  • Postgraduate Degree Show (3 December to 10 December)