Space, Place and Country

Our artists, theorists and historians are involved with installation, multidisciplinary practices, and writing in response to: the physical, social and political dimensions of public and private space; the diversity of contemporary and historical stories and perspectives on landscapes, oceans, sites and geography; environmental themes including the impacts of colonisation and climate change on place; and the embodiment of Country in the shared knowledges, material cultures and oral histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Robyn Backen, Senior Lecturer

Brad Buckley, Professor of Contemporary Art and Culture

Frederico Câmara, PhD Candidate

Tracey Clement, PhD candidate

Dr Ann Elias, Associate Professor

Dr Cherine Fahd, Lecturer

Janelle Evans, Associate Lecturer

Dr Laura Fisher, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Adam Geczy, Senior Lecturer

Markela Panegyres, PhD Candidate

Mariko Smith, Associate Lecturer

Tamara Voninski, PhD Candidate SCA