University of Sydney Prizes

There are more than 1000 prizes awarded annually at the University of Sydney! With over 46,000 students in the University of Sydney, securing a prize is an accomplishment that you can definitely be proud of in your time at the university.

Prizes may take the form of cash payment, medals, book prizes, membership of organisations and other items. Many prizes have long histories dating from bequests left to the University of Sydney during the nineteenth century, bringing a sense of tradition and prestige to the awards. The appearance of the Prize won on your transcript is a testament to your excellent performance at the university.

The majority of these awards are made for outstanding performance with nominations being collated when final results become available at the end of each academic year.

Prizes administered by the Scholarships and Financial Support Service are awarded for proficiency in the year immediately preceding that in which the award is made (i.e. 2013 awards will be made on the basis of academic achievement in 2012). Some awards may carry other conditions, such as that the recipient remain enrolled in a specified higher course of study to be eligible to receive the award (i.e. pursuing a language further). Full details of any conditions are specified when the Prize is awarded.

Prizes based on university assessments do not require application. Prize recipients will be contacted between February and April each year with full details of the Prize awarded - including any conditions attached to the Prize and payment information.

There are some Prizes which can be applied for, namely literary prizes, and the Wentworth Medal. These are based on submitting a piece of your own work adhering to the topics provided.

If you have any enquiries about Prizes at the University of Sydney send an email to .