Institute of Medical Physics Affiliated Staff

Honorary Title Holders

Professor Dale Bailey Honorary Associate

Professor in Medical Radiation Sciences & Principal Physics Royal North Shore Hospital

Research interests:  development of quantitative techniques using imaging of in vivo radionuclide tracers in both SPECT and PET; inernal radionuclide dosimetry
Dr Phil Vial Adjunct Senior Lecturer Liverpool & Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres Research interests:  clinical dosimetry in radiotherapy; image guided radiotherapy
Dr Jeremy Booth Adjunct Senior Lecturer Department of Radiation Oncology, Royal North Shore Hospital Research interest:  image guided radiotherapy
Dr Lois Holloway Adjunct Senior Lecturer Liverpool & Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres Research interests:  radiobiology; CT; clinical radiotherapy
Dr Robin Hill Adjunct Senior Lecturer Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Research interests:  radiation dosimetry and treatment planning for low energy x-ray beams; Monte Carlo modelling of radiotherapy beams
Professor Roger Fulton Honorary Associate Principal Medical Physics Specialist, Department of Medical Physics, Westmead Hospital

Research interests: medical imaging physics; motion tracking; motion-corrected imaging

Professor Yves de Deene Honorary Associate Faculty of Science and Engineering Macquarie University

Research interests:  quantitative MRI; hyperpolarized MRI; MR elastography; NMR spectroscopy; 3D dosimetry 

Dr Joerg Lehmann Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Radiation Oncology, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Research interests: radiation therapy data mining and models; image guided radiation therapy (IGRT); audits for radiation therapy; dosimetry of ionizing radiation (MV and kV)

Dr Helen Gustafsson Honorary Associate

The Canberra Hospital

Research interests:  radiotherapy gel dosimetry

Dr Lyn Oliver AM Honorary Associate  

Research interests: radiation dosimetry; imaging and new technologies applied in radiotherapy; radiation protection


Dr Martin Butson Honorary Associate Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Research interests:
Dr Nicholas Hardcastle Honorary Associate Royal North Shore Hospital Research interests:  imaging in radiotherapy; stereotactic body radiotherapy


Dr Jonathan Sykes

Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network,Crown Princess Mary Cancer Care Centre, Westmead Hospital

Research interests:  radiation oncology physics; imaging in oncology; image guided radiotherapy; image segmentation and registration
Dr Jason Dowling

CSIRO Australian E-Health Research Centre

Research interests:  clinical imaging; MRI alone radiation therapy planning; MRI guided radiation therapy