Academic Board and Committees

The Academic Board reports to Senate and provides academic advice to both Senate and the Vice-Chancellor on all academic matters, including academic priorities and policies of the University, academic aspects of the University’s strategic plan, policies concerning the conditions of appointment and employment of academic staff, the maintenance of academic standards and any academic matters it considers to be of strategic importance. Specifically, the Academic Board has delegated authority to approve new courses and approve changes to existing courses; determine policy regarding programs of study and assessment; determine requirements to be satisfied by candidates for awards of degrees, diplomas and certificates; and to determine the terms and conditions of awards, scholarships and prizes.

The work of the Academic Board is based on a model of distributed participation. That is, the Academic Board recognises that much of its work occurs outside the formal Academic Board meetings.

Work is carried out by the Chair and Deputy Chair, Chairs of Committees, Committees of the Academic Board and Working Parties. Interested members of the University community are actively encouraged to participate in these various activities.

The committees established by the Academic Board to assist it in connection with the exercise of its functions are as follows:

  • Academic Quality Committee, which oversees the Higher Degree by Research Examinations Sub-Committee (HDRSSC)
  • Academic Standards and Policy Committee, which oversees the Admissions Sub-Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee, which oversees the Higher Degree by Research Scholarships Sub-Committee (HDRSSC)
  • Undergraduate Studies Committee