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New courses

Proposals for new courses or merging existing courses are managed in the first instance by the Curriculum and Course Planning Committee through Institutional Analytics and Planning. Details of the process and timelines are available on the CCPC website.

Once the proposal has been endorsed by the CCPC and by the University Executive, it proceeds to the Academic Board via the Admissions, Undergraduates Studies or Graduate Studies Committee, as appropriate.

New course proposals must be submitted using the Course Management Template for New, Amended and Deleted Courses, available below.

Amendments to exisiting courses

Proposals for amendments to existing courses are undertaken via two pathways.

If the amendment involves adding a new stream to an existing course, changing the name of a course or changing the length of a course, it is treated as a new course and follows the process outlined above.

Course deletions and changes to an existing course, including:

  • the addition of a major or minor
  • changes to units of study
  • changes to the mode of delivery
  • changes to the period of teaching
  • changes to assessment

are submitted directly to the Academic Board through the Admissions, Graduate Studies or Undergraduates Studies Committee, as appropriate.

Most amendment requests require completion of the Minor Course Amendment Proposal, available below. Some (particularly those involving changes to units of study) may also require completion of the AQF Compliance checklist.

If in doubt as to the pathway needed for approval of a proposal or which form to use, please contact the Executive Officer to Academic Board in the first instance.


Undergraduate and postgraduate course proposals are governed by the requirements in the Coursework Policy 2014 and related policies available in the Policy Register.

Higher degree by research course proposals are governed by the requirements of the University of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011.

Course proposal templates



Course management template for new, amended and deleted courses:
For use with new course proposals, course deletion proposals, and major amendments to existing courses.


Minor course amendment proposal:
For use with minor amendments to existing courses.


AQF compliance checklist:
Must be included with any major or minor amendment proposal where the learning outcomes, volume of learning or assessment will be changed.