Governance Instruments

The University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW)

The University of Sydney is established and governed by an Act of the NSW Parliament, which is the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW). This Act establishes the University, and its governing body, the University of Sydney Senate. The University’s objects are found in section 6. Senate’s powers and functions are found in section 16. The activities of Senate and its Committees in pursuit of those functions are described in the Senate tab on this page. Details about other provisions of the Act are found on the University Legislation webpage of the Office of General Counsel.

The University of Sydney By-law 1999 (NSW)

Certain functions of the University and Senate, particularly in relation to University elections, are governed by an additional regulatory instrument, the University of Sydney By-law 1999 (NSW).

Delegations of Authority

Senate has the power, under section 17 of the Act, to delegate any or all of its functions in relation to any matter or class of matters, or in relation to any activity or function of the University and as such has created the University of Sydney (Delegations of Authority – Administrative Functions) Rule 2016. This instrument provides for the delegation by Senate of certain Senate functions to the University committees, authorities, officers, employees, consultants and contractors described in the instrument.

Senate Rules

Senate may resolve to make a Rule that applies across the University to govern University business. These Rules are published in the Policy Register and in the University Calendar.

Currently in-force Senate Rules are as follows:

Senate Resolutions

Senate’s resolutions made at meetings are binding upon the University. Certain key resolutions of Senate which take the form of procedures or processes to be followed, or statements of relevance to a wide audience are published on the Policy Register, and are linked below:

Academic Board Standards and Guidelines

In addition to the various policies and procedures approved by the Academic Board, the Academic Board also approves certain standards and develops guidelines in a range of areas.

Admissions Standards

The Coursework Policy 2014 makes reference to the following admissions criteria, which may be faculty-specific but which must be approved by the Academic Board:

Higher Degrees by Research

The Academic Board has authority to approve a range of matters related to Higher Degrees by Research and also develops guidelines in this area as set out below:

Teaching and Curriculum

The Academic Board has authority to approve a range of matters related to teaching and curriculum issues, as listed below:

University Policies

All current policies of the University are published on the Policy Register