Director's welcome


SSEAC Director Professor Michele Ford

Welcome to the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC).

Southeast Asia is marked by rich diversity, challenging problems and countries, communities and cultures that have a rapidly changing sense of their own place in the world. The University of Sydney has an extraordinary depth of expertise about this region, with more than 200 academics focussing their work on or in every country in the region.

SSEAC generates high-impact research projects to address key questions of practical and policy relevance, such as chronic disease, emergency management, food security, the movement of people and regional integration.

Through its flagship Graduate Program, SSEAC provides specialist support for research students working on Southeast Asia-related cases across the University. We ensure that research students grappling with problems as diverse as the management of swine flu, corporate social responsibility and environmental law have access to the best area studies expertise. SSEAC is also working to create pathways for a new generation of Southeast Asia experts at the undergraduate level.

SSEAC and its members engage extensively with Southeast Asian universities as peers, but also – where appropriate – as a form of outreach, to develop research capacity. SSEAC also actively seeks partnerships with governments, think tanks, organisations under the umbrella of the United Nations, non-governmental organisations and alumni to bring Sydney’s interdisciplinary expertise to bear on policy and practice.

Whatever the nature of your interest in Southeast Asia, I warmly invite you to explore what SSEAC has to offer.

Professor Michele Ford
SSEAC Director