Once the hearing date and time has been organised, your faculty will be asked to provide a written submission in relation to your appeal. The Student Affairs Unit will send you the faculty's submission five working days before the date of your hearing. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the faculty's submission prior to the hearing.

At this stage, if you have not done so already, it is highly recommended that you discuss your appeal with a student advisor from either the Student Representative Council (SRC) or Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA). If you wish, a representative from either SRC or SUPRA can accompany you to the hearing. Alternatively, you may elect to have no support person or your own support person (such as a parent or a friend).

At the hearing you will be introduced to the three members of the Student Appeals Body (SAB) and to the staff member representing your faculty. A member of the Student Affairs Unit will also be present to take notes. The SAB will have examined both your appeal and your faculty’s submission and may ask you and the faculty representative questions about your respective submissions. You will also be given an opportunity to speak to your appeal if you wish to. Please note that no new documentation will be accepted at this point, except at the discretion of the SAB.

Once the SAB is satisfied it has all the information it requires, you and the faculty representative will be excused and the SAB will deliberate on the appeal and come to a decision. This decision will be communicated to you in writing by the Student Affairs Unit soon after the hearing. If you wish to check on the progress of your appeal during this time, please direct your queries to the Student Affairs Unit.

The SAB tries to ensure that hearings are relatively informal. However if you think that you will find the meeting distressing, or the outcome upsetting or challenging, it is recommended that you make an appointment to see a University counsellor for the period immediately following your SAB meeting. This will give you the chance to discuss any issues arising from the meeting or develop new strategies for successful study in the future. you can contact the counselling service by email at .