Student Appeals Body members

Membership of the Student Appeals Body (SAB) is voluntary, with at least half the members drawn from the University's staff and student population. If you have been appointed as an SAB member, congratulations! The University greatly appreciates your commitment to your new responsibilities.

SAB members are charged with examining, considering and deciding upon University-level appeals against academic decisions from across all faculties. Once you have completed your training, the Student Affairs Unit will notify you of scheduled appeal hearings and ask if you are available to attend. If you are appointed to a SAB hearing the Student Affairs Unit will send you a copy of the appeal documentation.

SAB decisions are final and the outcomes can have very serious implications for the enrolment of the students concerned. For this reason, you are asked to read all documentation very carefully prior to an appeal hearing.

If, during the course of your membership of the SAB, you have any questions regarding any aspect of your role as an SAB member, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs Unit.