Student Appeals Body panels

For every scheduled appeal hearing, the Student Affairs Unit will invite eligible Student Appeals Body (SAB) members to volunteer to sit on the three member panel. Typically, the panel will consist of the Chair of the Academic Board, one member of academic staff and one student member. It is also usual for appeal hearings to be scheduled in blocks of between two to four appeals, to be heard consecutively. It is entirely possible for you to volunteer to sit on some or all of the appeal hearings scheduled for a particular block. Please note that individual appeal hearings are usually scheduled to last 45 minutes.

Important note: SAB members are not permitted to consider an appeal concerning their own faculty or an appeal that might expose them to a real or perceived conflict of interest – such as being acquainted with an individual who is connected to the appeal. Please notify the Student Affairs Unit immediately if you believe you are unable to sit on a particular appeal hearing panel.