University-level appeal

If you believe that due academic process was not followed in the making of an academic decision (including those relating to special consideration or special arrangements), you may appeal to the Student Appeals Body.

Your appeal must be lodged in writing to the Registrar, via the Student Affairs Unit, within 15 working days of the date of the written decision of the dean, or within such extended time as the Registrar authorises.

It is important to remember that appeals will not be heard by the SAB unless:

  • the basis for your appeal has previously been considered by the faculty or by the academic panel in relation to special consideration or special arrangements, and,
  • you have set out in writing your reasons, including any supporting documentation, for believing that due academic process has not been observed by the faculty.

NOTE: If you are a postgraduate research student contesting the termination of your candidature or the examination of your thesis, you may appeal directly to the SAB.