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Dalyell Scholars program

For students with exceptional academic ability who want to be challenged

Exclusive to high achieving students with an ATAR (or equivalent) of 98+, the Dalyell Scholars program is an opportunity to challenge yourself alongside your most promising and talented peers.

The Dalyell Scholars program enables you to draw on the rich interdisciplinary depth and breadth on offer at the University, cultivating the leadership and professional expertise to join the ranks of our distinguished global alumni.

The program allows you to collaborate and network with like-minded world influencers.

In addition to completing distinctive Dalyell units of study with other high achievers, you will have access to enrichment opportunities including:

  • acceleration to master’s level study
  • access to specialised Language (Arts) and Mathematical Sciences (Science) programs
  • exclusive research and entrepreneurship programs
  • direct access to industry-based project learning
  • tailored mentoring and professional skill development to enhance your study and career opportunities
  • international experiences to develop your global perspectives, including a global mobility scholarship.

You can apply or be invited to participate in the Dalyell Scholars program. Entry to the four courses below is by application:

The following courses are also available to study through the Dalyell Scholars program and students will be invited to participate. 

Courses available

  • B Design Computing/B Advanced Studies
  • B Arts
  • B Arts/B Advanced Studies (International and Global Studies)
  • B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Media and Communications)
  • B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations)
  • B Economics
  • B Economics/B Advanced Studies
  • B Visual Arts/B Advanced Studies
  • B Commerce
  • B Education (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences)/B arts
  • B Education (Secondary: Mathematics)/B Science
  • B Educations (Secondary: Science)/B Science
  • B Arts/B Social Work
  • B Advanced Computing
  • B Advanced Computing/B Commerce
  • B Advanced Computing/B Science
  • B Engineering Honours with Space Engineering
  • B Engineering Honours/B Arts
  • B Engineering Honours/B Commerce
  • B Engineering Honours (Civil)/B Design in Architecture
  • B Engineering Honours/B Project Management
  • B Engineering Honours/B Science
  • B Arts/D Medicine
  • B Arts/M Nursing
  • B Science/D Dental Medicine
  • B Science/D Medicine
  • B Science/M Nursing
  • B Science (Health)/M Nursing
  • B Arts/B Laws
  • B Commerce/B Laws
  • B Economics/B Laws
  • B Engineering Honours/Bachelors of Laws
  • B Science/B Laws
  • B Science
  • B Science (Health)
  • B Science (Medical Science)
  • B Science/B Advanced Studies (Advanced)
  • B Science/B Advanced Studies (Animal and Veterinary Bioscience)
  • B Science/B Advanced Studies (Food and Agribusiness)
  • B Science/B Advanced Studies (Health)
  • B Science/B Advanced Studies (Medical Science)
  • B Science/M Nutrition and Dietectics
Course list notes

'B’ for ‘Bachelor of’
‘M’ for ‘Master of’
‘D’ for ‘Doctor of’

Note: courses available as part of the Dalyell Scholars program are subject to change

Who was Elsie Jean Dalyell?

A highly distinguished University of Sydney medical graduate, Elsie Jean Dalyell OBE (1881-1948) was the first full-time female academic in our Sydney Medical School. After travelling to London on a University scholarship and then serving in World War I, she conducted pioneering work with a medical team in Vienna, Austria, into childhood diseases. Her academic excellence and commitment to creating her own
path are hallmarks of our Dalyell Scholars