Child Care Information Office

Child playing with toys

The University of Sydney and the University of Sydney Union have a strong record of activity and achievement in the provision of child care. Five child care centres currently operate on or near two campuses catering to over 200 children aged from 0 to five years. These centres have been established with funds provided by the Senate, the University of Sydney Union and some Commonwealth Government funding. The Child Care Information Office aims help students and staff access information about child care. The Office provides information about the child care centres on or near the Camperdown/Darlington and Cumberland campuses and other relevant government agencies. It cannot, however, influence when or how quickly a student will gain a place in child care centres or provide information about a centre's waiting list. For specific information about waiting lists you will need to contact the child care centres directly.

The provision of child care information is one of the many services provided to students and staff by the University of Sydney. The Child Care Information Office aims to assist students and staff with young children find suitable child care.

How do I comment on, compliment or complain about the Child Care Information Office?

You can talk or write to the Director, Student Support Services. or if appropriate the Staff and Student Equal Opportunity Unit.