Application process for child care at the University of Sydney

Please apply directly to the child care centre(s) you are interested in by submitting a waiting list form. The centre(s) can provide you with information on:

  • updated fees and eligibility for fee assistance.
  • enrolment procedures and the length of waiting lists.
  • priority of admission and programs of activities.
  • any special services the centre(s) may have.

Important considerations

To apply to any of the child care centres on or near campus fill out the corresponding Waiting List Form listed under the descriptions of each Child Care Centre and return the form to the Child Care Centre(s) you are interested in. To access the waiting list application forms click here and chose the centre(s) you are interested in.

If you wish to apply to any of the Union centres - Carillon Avenue Child Care Centre or Union Child Care Centre - You can contact the waitlist co-ordinator by e-mail at

Apply to waiting lists as soon as possible, as waiting lists can be long, especially for children under 2 years of age. If you are an international student we strongly advise you to send your waiting list application forms before you leave your home country.

The length of time between joining the waiting list and receiving a place varies according to a range of factors such as the date of application, the age of your child(ren), and the days of care needed.

As the time nears that you require care, contact the centre(s) you have applied for and let them know you are still interested in a place or if you have applied for a place at one of the Union centres, please contact

If you have received a place in a child care centre and no longer require your name on other waiting lists, please contact the other centres and ask them to take your name off the list or if you have applied for a place at one of the Union centres, contact

The Child Care Information Office cannot provide information about waiting lists, please contact the centres directly or if you have a waiting list enquiry for one of the Union centres, contact

The University of Sydney Union provides a discount for University of Sydney students who have an Access Card to help with the cost of child care at the Union child care centres - Carillon Avenue Child Care Centre and the Union Child Care Centre. For further details please email or click here to visit the Union's website for further information on Access Cards.