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Useful Things to Know About Child Care

There are often long waiting lists for child care services in Australia. This is especially so for children aged between 0-2 years. If you are going to need child care you should apply as soon as possible. It is often advisable to have your child’s name on waiting lists before you leave your home country and arrive in Australia, if this is possible. Please note: Unfortunately the University cannot guarantee you a place in a Child Care Centre on or near campus.

Types of Child Care Services in Australia

Pre-School Age Children (Aged 0-5 years):

Long day care - is provided in a child care centre. The centres are usually open for 10 or more hours per day, five days per week and usually take children aged from about 6 weeks to school age. The centre may have 30-50 children in attendance each day.

Family Day Care - is a child care service where care is provided for small groups of children (usually four to five) in the home of an approved carer. Click here for more information about Family Day Care services

Occasional Care - is a service that provides intermittent care for children aged 0–5 years. Unlike Long Day Care or Family Day Care, where children must be enrolled for particular days each week, this service provides flexible care for one-off or short term needs. Click here for more information about Occasional Care services.

Preschools - specifically target children 3-5 years of age in preparation for school. Hours of operation vary but most are open for less than 8 hours per day (shorter than long day care centres). They are operated by community organizations, local councils or private operators. There are some Government run preschools (often attached to local schools) but these usually target children with special needs (eg disabilities). For information about preschools in your area contact the Child and Family Information Referral Service on Phone 1800 803 820.

School Age Children - Out Of School Hours Care (Aged 5 years and above):

Some schools or groups in the local community provide before-school and after- school care for children who attend school. This is often called out of school hours care. Programs may also be held during the school holidays.
You should check with your child’s school for local services.

Various organizations, including government departments, run school holiday activities. Check School Holiday Programs on this website by clicking here. You should also check with your child’s school for local activities which may be available.

More Information:

For a more detailed description of the types of child care available in Australia check the mychild website

Child Care Centres at the University of Sydney

To find out specific information about the child care centres (long day care) on or close to the University of Sydney Camperdown/Darlington campus and the Cumberland campus click here

Click here to find out how to apply for these Centres.

For information about child care services available in other areas away from the University – contact the Child Care Access Hotline on telephone 1800 670 305. To find more information about the Child Care Access Hotline click here

Paying for Child care

Parents are required to pay for child care services in Australia. Fees depend on the type and amount of care being provided for the child.

As an International student you may be eligible to receive the Child Care Benefit. This is financial assistance provided by the Australian Government to help parents with part of the cost of child care. International students who are receiving direct financial assistance from the Australian Government (eg AusAID scholarships) may be eligible to receive the Child Care Benefit. You will need to check this. The following links will help by giving you more information.

Click here to find out more about the Child Care Benefit.

The Child Care Benefit is managed by the Department of Human Services. Click here for contact details.

Playgroups in the Community

Playgroups are small informal groups of children and their parents/carers who meet in the local community, often in a community hall. Playgroups are for children <1-5 years. They provide opportunities for children to play and interact with other children and also for parents/carers to meet and talk with others.

Visit the Playgroups NSW website to find out more about playgroups and to locate playgroups in your local area. Or you can contact Playgroups NSW on Phone 1800 171 882.

The following playgroups are examples of those targeting specific cultural groups. Information for other cultural groups can be found on the Playgroups NSW website.

Surry Hills Gamarada
Bourke Street Primary School
590 Bourke Street

Tuesday 10:00

Ashfield Japanese Community Centre
2 Bastable St

Friday 10:00

Croydon Deutsche Spielgruppe St Christophorus
St Christophorus Church
112 Edwin St North
Ph: 0404 104 231

Monday 16:00
Tuesday 10:00

A Note about Postcodes

Sometimes when you search websites for services in your local area you are asked to enter the POSTCODE for the area. To assist you in doing this here are the Postcodes for some of the suburbs around the University. Click here to search for Postcodes of suburbs not listed.

Camperdown/Darlington Campus
University of Sydney - 2006; Annandale - 2038; Camperdown - 2050; Chippendale - 2008; Darlington - 2008; Redfern - 2016; Enmore - 2042; Forest Lodge - 2037; Glebe - 2037; Leichhardt - 2040; Marrickville - 2204; Newtown - 2042; Redfern - 2016; Stanmore - 2048

Cumberland Campus
Lidcombe - 2141; Auburn - 2144; Berala - 2141; Regent's Park - 2143