I don't know grammar: how can I learn the basics?

Native speakers of English can generally use English grammar very well, but may be unfamiliar with the terminology of grammar, particularly if this wasn't taught at school. On the other hand, non-native speakers of English are often familiar with grammatical terms, but may have difficulty finding the right structures or using the grammatical rules of English consistently.

For native speakers, there are a few ways to learn basic terminology and models of English grammar: e.g. online resources, workshops at the Learning Centre, many published books, or Linguistics courses.

For non-native speakers, there are many published books, English language courses and workshops to increase your knowledge of English grammar. However, if you want to improve your use of English grammar in writing or conversation, the best technique is to increase the hours of English conversation that you take part in each day. For many international students, this takes planning and effort, such as joining a club or moving into a share house with people who do not speak your native language.

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