Frequently Asked Questions

 Title information

Which SUP titles are in print?
All titles published since 2003 are in print. We print "on demand" which means that when you complete your purchase, the books you have ordered are printed especially for you. It also means that our titles won't go out-of-print, they'll always be available for purchase.

Are books from the SUP backlist in print or available?
Some books published under the SUP imprint in the 1990s when Oxford University Press owned it may still be available.

If you think a backlist title should be back in print, please contact us.

 Shopping and shipping

How will I know when my books are on their way?
In the Account section of the website, you can view the status of your order. When it has been put into the post, the status will be "Shipped".

How long will it take my books to reach me?
Our delivery guarantee is dispatch within 3 days. Within 3 days we will have printed and posted your books to you. Books are delivered by Australia Post, so the actual delivery time once the book has left our offices will vary according to your location and mail delivery services.

Is your credit card system secure?
The credit card service is run by the University of Sydney, and uses High Grade Encryption. The credit card transactions are processed by an external agency and the credit card number is not retained, only the details of the transaction.

I can't use my credit card over the Internet, can I still buy a book?
Of course. We can take your order over the phone, or you can fax us an order form.

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I am a bookseller and a customer wants one of your books.
SUP offers 30% trade discount to booksellers and library suppliers. Please create an Account in our system and we will apply the discount to your account. You will then see discounted prices and be able to purchase at the discount price. Our terms are firm sale.

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