The Logic of Life

The Logic Of Life
26 February , 2008

Why you should listen

Tim Harford

In this entertaining lecture, UK-based “Undercover Economist” Tim Harford explains how economics infiltrates every aspect of our lives – from choosing a partner to deciding whether or not to risk a parking ticket. According to Harford, the author of The Logic of Life and the best-selling Undercover Economist, economics is more than just money. “Economists have traditionally restricted themselves to financial and commercial spheres,” Harford told the Sydney Ideas audience, “but it’s not necessarily about money at all. It’s about rational decision-making.” Using real-life experience and the theories of top economists such as Nobel Prize laureate Gary S Becker, Harford explains how the most intimate and alarming decisions and inflictions – addiction, crime or even living an honest life – all have an economic rationalist base. Tim Harford is a columnist for the UK’s Financial Times where he writes a Dear Economist problem page. He is the presenter of the BBC Radio series More or Less, has worked for the World Bank and Shell and as a tutor for Oxford University. In 2006, he won the Bastiat Prize for economic journalism. Undercover Economist has sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into 21 languages.

“It’s a sparky mix of pure and applied, of history and current affairs, of biography and the geography of knowledge…Even a chapter on the workplace – on pay, productivity and incentives – fizzes with insight and variety… Harford is a sickeningly talented young man” - The Australian Financial Review on The Logic of Life