Shakespeare, Theatre and Democracy: Towards a playful future

Professor Jonothan Neelands, National Teaching Fellow, Professor of Drama and Theatre Education and Warwick Business School Professor of Creative Education , University of Warwick

Co-presented with the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney

1 November

In this lecture Professor Neelands proposes that Shakespeare offers us a lens for exploring the vital political relationship between theatre and democracy, in which theatre becomes part of our social conversation and the circulation of social energy in a society. In this context plays, players and the social playfulness of childhood become forged in a vision of how we might live, learn and work together. In a world which is becoming increasingly environmentally and geo-politically unsustainable, play offers the young both a mirror and lens for seeing and transforming themselves and their worlds and the beginnings of the proto-democratic behaviours needed for our survival.

Professor Jonothan Neelands

Professor Jonothan Neelands is a National Teaching Fellow, Chair of Drama and Theatre Education in the Institute of Education and Chair of Creative Education in the Warwick Business School (WBS) at the University of Warwick. In addition to his academic profile, he is an experienced workshop leader and drama practitioner, with a national and international reputation for delivering high quality professional training and development opportunities.

He enjoys a close working relationship with the Royal Shakespeare Company and has developed accredited teaching Shakespeare courses for teachers and actors. He has been involved in developing resources and the business plan for Teaching Shakespeare which is a partnership between the RSC and The University of Warwick producing professional development for teachers that can transform the classroom experience of Shakespeare.