Fishing Matters: historical perspectives on the impacts of fisheries on ecosystems and human societies

Co-presented with the Environmental Humanities Group in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

21 June 2012

Professor Poul Holm, Trinity Long Room Hub Professor of Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

Poul presented on his involvement with a ten-year research project on the History of Marine Animal Populations (HMAP) The project has involved a collaborative effort by 15 region- or species-specific inter-disciplinary research teams of historians, archaeologists, and ecologists around the globe studying the past ocean life and human interaction with the sea. Poul argues that environmental humanities are the key to future conservation and management issues.

Professor Poul Holm

Poul Holm is Trinity Long Room Hub Professor of Humanities at Trinity College Dublin and President of the Consortium of European Humanities Institutes and Centres. He has been a Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, chairman of the Danish Research Council for the Humanities and Rector (President) of the University of Roskilde. He was President of the European Society for Environmental History (2005-7), and the EU DG Research METRIS group (chairman 2008-9). His doctoral thesis examined the impact of war on everyday life in Norway, Sweden and Denmark between 1550 and 1914. He has published on fisheries history and marine environmental history and coastal communities and culture.