Other public lectures

Talks, forums and lectures at the University

The University of Sydney hosts a diverse range of forums, talks and lectures through-out the year. Many of these are free and open to the public.

CHAST image

Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology (CHAST)

The Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology (CHAST) was formally constituted in 1986 as a centre within the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney as an initiative of the Science Centenary celebrations. Its creation recognised the need to promote interdisciplinary integration of scientific knowledge and its impact on humans, our societies and the wider environment. Membership is open to those within and outside the University of Sydney, and all are welcome to attend lectures by guest speakers, including the annual Templeton Lecture.

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The United States Studies Centre

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney brings together leading scholars, politicians, business leaders and thinkers from across Australia and the US to research, debate and create new knowledge on American political, economic, social and cultural issues. It has frequent guest speakers from the US in an events program of seminars, talks and forums.

Nicholson Museum

University of Sydney Museums and Galleries Events

The University of Sydney has one of the largest and finest university collections of antiquities, art, ethnography and natural history in Australia. These are housed in the University Art Gallery, Macleay Museum and Nicholson Museum which all feature a range of events, talks and seminars open to the public.

Sydney Science Forum

The Faculty of Science at the University is leader in science communication and community engagement. Their Sydney Science Forum is a free lectures series featuring leading University academics bring the latest in scientific research, ideas, possibilities and innovations to the Sydney community.