Get experience. Get paid. Get ahead.

SydneyTalent connects University of Sydney students with potential employers for part-time and full-time employment.

Get experience

Develop vital broad and specialised skills in a practical environment that complements your academic interests. SydneyTalent provides a placement service for highly skilled students and graduates with extensive workplace experience, helping high calibre students like you to connect with employers in ways that suit your needs and aspirations. We offer flexible work hours that accommodate your academic timetable.

Get paid

With SydneyTalent negotiating for you, you can be sure of market competitive salaries. For more information, visit our FAQs section.

Get ahead

With SydneyTalent, you can create lasting relationships within your future industry, connect with potential long-term employers, and gain practical knowledge. Leaving the University of Sydney with a well-rounded perspective and professional experience as well as your degree represents an outstanding competitive edge.