Veterinary Science Foundation (VSF)

Veterinary Science Foundation

The Veterinary Science Foundation of the University of Sydney is the promotional and fundraising arm of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science. Visit the VSF Website

Dairy Research Foundation

The objectives of the Dairy Research Foundation are to:

  • finance and undertake research relevant to the problems of the Australian dairy industry.
  • promote the extension of worldwide research findings to the industry.
  • provide advice to the dairy industry on practical problems encountered in the field.
  • assist in the scientific training of experts to service the dairy industry.
  • raise financial support for these purposes.

Visit the Dairy Research Foundation website, Dairy Research Foundation

Poultry Research Foundation

The Poultry Research Foundation provides an interface between the Australian poultry and allied industries and the Sydney School of Veterinary Science.

It sponsors industry related research, assists in the training of scientific personnel and acts in an industrial liaison capacity.

Visit the Poultry Research Foundation website, Poultry Research Foundation