Helen Golder

Helen Golder

Helen Golder | Postgraduate Student


Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons)

Research Interests

Bovine nutrition, physiology, and metagenomics

Research Project

Ruminal acidosis is a complex nutritional disorder that presents in a range of severities and has a large economic impact to both the dairy and beef industries. My project involves increasing our understanding of ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle through investigation of the role of different feed substrates on acidosis risk by examining rumen fermentation, production, blood, and feed intake measures and their relationship to rumen bacteria when starch, sugar, or protein are fed. Evaluation of feed additives that can potentially control acidosis when high concentrations of readily fermentable carbohydrates are fed is another focus of my project.

Project Supervisor

Dr. Pietro Celi

Associate Supervisors

Adj. Prof. Ian Lean

Contribution to the Profession and the community

Australian Society of Animal Production Science member
American Dairy Science Association member