VSIP - Veterinary Student Internship Program


During their 5th and final year, Veterinary Student Interns undertake and complete a program of at least 5 extramural (outside of the university) rotations based around 5 intramural rotations, a total of 10 units of study throughout the year. A Rotation period is 28 days, and students are required to be on site for a minimum of 18 days during this period for a standard unit of study. For additional placements, students are required to attend for a minimum of two weeks.

Extramural rotations are a crucial part of the professional education of Veterinary Student Interns in extending their learning beyond the university. Veterinary Student Interns gain the opportunity to see a wide range of disease conditions in, and treatments for, local and common species – including Australian wildlife at extramural sites. Extramural rotations provide the opportunity for Veterinary Student interns to become familiar with the most common diseases in domestic and production animals, but also gain insight into how these are managed by veterinarians operating in different roles at local, regional and state levels.

At an extramural site one practitioner is nominated as an Extramural Supervisor during the time the Veterinary Student Intern is on placement. The Extramural Supervisor effectively acts as the Veterinary Student Interns mentor and colleague, even though the Veterinary Student Intern may work with or visit other practitioners during the rotation. At the end of the Veterinary Students Interns time at a site the Extramural Supervisor is required to complete a Supervisor’s Report form providing details on the Veterinary Student Interns educational development and behaviour.

The Unit of Study Coordinator at the University is responsible for liaising with each Extramural Supervisor on student welfare issues and their learning experience and is also responsible for all assessment matters (e.g. marking assignments, reviewing the Supervisor Report and deciding the Veterinary Student Interns academic result for the rotation).

The final year Veterinary Student Intern Program runs from November to November each year. Sites which have been recognised by the Faculty as accredited extramural teaching sites are contacted each year with regards to the program and their availability to participate. If you are interested in becoming involved in this program please contact the Co-ordinator Extramural Placements by email: