Welcome to the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies

The Department is part of the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Here you can find out all about our teaching and research and also get in touch with staff and postgraduate researchers.

Undergraduate and Honours

The Department offers two distinct undergraduate majors – one in Cultural Studies and one in Gender Studies - that can be taken within your Bachelor of Arts degree. You can also do one or more subjects offered by our department to enrich another major.

For potential students who already have an undergraduate degree (or equivalent), we also offer Honours programs in Cultural Studies and Gender Studies and a joint Honours program.

Postgraduate Coursework

More information about postgraduate coursework is available here. The department offers the only specific Master of Cultural Studies program in Australia. Students take eight units of study from 14 offered by the department and a number of electives available from other departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Postgraduate coursework students are guided in their program by the convenor of postgraduate coursework with the assistance of the internship officer. Click here for contact details.

In joining the department postgraduate coursework students belong to a dynamic postgraduate community. They are invited to attend both the department's research seminar series and the postgraduate work-in-progress series.

Many of our postgraduate coursework units may also be taken by students on other coursework programs in the Faculty, and in some circumstances, Master by research and doctoral students in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies. A full list of units offered can be found here. Details of Gender and Cultural Studies internships can be found here.


Our staff have an outstanding research record spanning a range of fields in Gender Studies and Cultural Studies. Go to the staff links to find out more about our research projects and publications, or to contact a staff member.

We’re particularly proud of the postgraduate research culture in the Department – please check our postgraduate pages for more information.