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Tara Moss' book launch

31 March, 2014

Tara Moss, PhD Candidate in the department, has launched her new book The Fictional Woman, out May 22 with HarperCollins Australia.

The Fictional Woman is part memoir, part social commentary and very in keeping with my non-fiction writing of recent years. It draws on my lived experiences to enter a broader debate about the experiences of women and girls today, in the culture I know best, backed up (as always) with data. I make no claim of universality, but the stories will be relevant to many, I believe. In truth this is a book I’ve been storing up for decades, so when it came time to think about the cover, I at first struggled to imagine how the pages inside could possibly be represented. It wasn’t until I had finished years of writing and researching the book and had completed the first draft that the idea came:

My face. My fictions.

I chose labels or ‘fictions’ I had worn for some time – some worn willingly, others unwillingly, some complimentary and some negative, some absolute nonsense, many contradictory, but each label packed with its own baggage.