Department of Gender and Cultural Studies Academic Staff

  • Dr Fiona Allon
    Cultures of 'home' and everyday life; space, place and identity; suburban and urban cultures; popular culture; mobility, travel and the cultural dimensions of globalisation
  • Associate Professor Ruth Barcan
    Academic labour and identity; waste, sustainability and everyday life; domestic chicken-keeping in the suburbs; alternative therapies (CAM) and New Age practices; nudity and nudism; feminist cultural studies approaches to embodiment; pedagogy
  • Professor Catherine Driscoll
    Modernity and modernism; cultural theory, especially Deleuze, Foucault, pragmatism, phenomenology; popular culture and popular genres; online culture, especially fan cultures and gaming; rural studies, especially with a focus on youth; girlhood and girl culture
  • Dr Liam Grealy
    Youth and childhood; Media classification; Cultural theory; Academic labour; Higher degree research supervision; Preventive detention; Criminology; Hip hop
  • Dr Jessica Kean
    Queer theory, heteronormativity, mononormativity; non/monogamy; intimacies and relationships; feminisms and feminist theory; popular culture; domestic and family violence; gender, diversity and the workplace
  • Associate Professor Tess Lea
    Human/other animal relations; conceptualizations of the anthropocene; cultures of audit and the anthropology policy; development theory; the tactics of post-colonial power and liberal settler governance; institutional ethnography; urban and regional research
  • Associate Professor Natalya Lusty
    Modernism; contemporary visual culture; aesthetics of violence; censorship and media harm; fashion culture; cultural studies
  • Professor Meaghan Morris
    Film and media historiographies; local and national cultures in globalisation; Australian and Asian-Pacific popular culture; public cultures and institutions after 'privatisation'
  • Dr Dean Murphy
    Queer kinship; reproductive technologies; transnational surrogacy arrangements; biomedical HIV prevention; HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis; drug use; masculinity, risk, sexual cultures
  • Dr Astrida Neimanis
    embodiment; feminist theory; water; environmental humanities; queer ecologies; feminist epistemologies and knowledge production; posthumanism and new materialisms; art/science/theory collaborations; alter-Anthropocene; planetary flows of bodies, matters, imaginaries, justice
  • Dr Jane Park
    Film and popular media; Race, ethnicity and multiculturalism; Aesthetics and ethics; Postcolonial theory; Diaspora and transnationalism
  • Professor Elspeth Probyn
    Spatial theory; hybrid geographies; gender; sexuality and cultural studies; food consumption and production; theories of embodiment; social science methodologies
  • Associate Professor Kane Race
    Gender and sexuality; popular culture and consumption; sociology of health and biomedicine; Foucault’s ethics; biopolitics; citizenship; social policy; body technologies; queer theory
  • Dr Guy Redden
    Culture and economy; consumer culture; alternative cultures (including online); religion; lifestyle television; intercultural studies; cultural theory
  • Dr Shawna Tang
    queer Asia; sexuality politics; LGBT aging; non-normative families and intimacies; homophobia and sexuality justice in Asian global queer cities; academic labour, affect and emotions; feminist, queer, postcolonial and Marxist theories
  • Dr Anthea Taylor
    Gender and popular culture; celebrity; popular feminism; postfeminism; reality television; new media; fandom; feminist literary and cultural theory; popular fiction; literary reception; cultural policy
  • Associate Professor Thom van Dooren
    Environmental humanities; extinction studies; cultures and politics of biodiversity (esp. in Hawai`i and the Pacific); multispecies/animal/plant studies; feminist science studies; field philosophy; natureculture writing; storytelling; public humanities; extra-terrestrial ethics.
  • Associate Professor Lee Wallace
    Queer theory; lesbian and gay studies; feminist theory; colonial and postcolonial discourse; cultural studies; cinema studies.