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Professional learning calendar

Courses for education and social work professionals
View our wide range of short courses, workshops and conferences, which are delivered online, at your school or workplace, or on campus at the University of Sydney.

Crash course in creative writing and how to teach it

  • Friday 14 September, 9.30am-3.30pm
  • Keynote speaker: Mark Tredinnick, 2018 Writer in Residence
  • Cost: $297 (lunch included)

Download flyer (pdf, 255.1KB)

How do we invite students into the creative space? How do we allow them to feel, and feel entitled to, the courage they’ll need in order to bring out what is uniquely within each of them, and make a start on saying it on the page? 

To teach creative writing well, it also helps to know a little more about how creativity feels and what it asks of a writer, and Mark will speak from his experience as a poet, essayist and memoirist. It also helps to be writing creatively yourself, and to that end, Mark will use a prompt or two to invite you deeper into the idiom or yourself. Not only an acclaimed poet, Mark is the author of three books on the writing craft, and he’s taught creative (and functional) writing for over twenty years. You’ll leave the workshop inspired and thinking differently about creative writing, how it’s made and how it might be inspired and workshopped into work that perpetuates art’s project and leads young people into lives that are, themselves, works of art (works of art we never reach the end of).   

Leadership in Aboriginal Education Conference 

  • Friday 21 September, 9am-4.30pm
  • Keynote speaker: Tammy Anderson, Principal, Briar Road Primary School
  • Cost: $297 (lunch included)

Download flyer (pdf, 545kB) 

Gain practical strategies to lead Aboriginal education effectively in your local school community. You will be shown how to examine the contexts that shape Aboriginal education and make explicit connections between broader issues and the daily experience of teaching. Detailed scenario-based workshops will focus on building key skills in forward planning, sustainable improvement and problem-solving. There will be a strong focus on building teams and collective capacity for Aboriginal education in participants' schools.

Mentoring: Module 1

  • 5 workshops: 16 & 30 October, 13 & 27 November and 11 December (4.30-6.30pm)
  • Cost: $770* (includes all five workshops)

Download flyer (pdf, 376kB)

Module 1 of the Mentoring course consists of five workshops that focus on developing pedagogical skills of mentoring in conjunction with using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, annotating evidence and developing relationships and protocols to use when observing colleagues.

*You may choose to pay an additional fee to have your work assessed for credit towards postgraduate studies.

For more information, visit our web page for the Mentoring course.

Masterclass: Leadership in Aboriginal Contexts

  • Friday 26 October, 9am–3pm
  • Education Building, the University of Sydney
  • Cost: $297


This course aims to develop culturally responsive leaders in Aboriginal education contexts who will influence change and contribute to improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal students. It will provide opportunities for participants to critically analyse research on leadership practices that enable conditions for quality teaching and student learning in an Aboriginal context, and consider practical and process-oriented approaches responsive to the challenges of preparing educational leaders committed to social justice and equity for Aboriginal peoples.

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal models, styles and purposes of leadership will be investigated including diverse leadership theoretical frameworks such as social justice, ethical, instructional and transformational leadership within the context of traditional understandings of leadership such as trait, behavioural, and situational.

Professional practice supervision for practitioners in human, health, community and social services

  • 21 & 28 February 2019, 9.30am–3.30pm
  • Presenters: Roslyn Giles AM and Emeritus Professor Jude Irwin
  • Cost: $495* (incl. GST) (*subject to change)

Download flyer (pdf, 799KB)

This course examines and critiques different approaches to professional supervision in the health, human and community services. You will learn to identify key features of a working environment that can enhance or inhibit supervision. It will also assist you in identifying and developing knowledge and skills in the application of both staff and student supervision.

At the completion of this course you will be able to:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of theoretical approaches to professional practice supervision of staff
  • identify and develop supervision processes that are critical to the enhancement of professional practice and the appropriate strategies and skills to implement them
  • critique the relevance of these approaches in a range of practice settings
  • identify and analyse key features of an organisational environment in which supervision plays a positive role and demonstrate the skills to do this
  • analyse issues that may arise in the supervision process and identify appropriate strategies to address these (for example, the influence of power on the relationship between supervisor and supervisee; and structural inequalities such as race, gender, age).