Sydney Teaching Colloquium
Cultural competence is everyone's business

4 November 2015 - Charles Perkins Centre Auditorium (D17)

Free for all University of Sydney staff & students

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For our students and graduates to ‘work productively, collaboratively and openly in diverse groups and across cultural boundaries’[1], we need to embed cultural competence in pedagogy and curriculum. This year's colloquium explores issues and solutions in meeting this challenge. We will partner with industry representatives and national thought leaders to discuss the topic, and share insights from Sydney staff and students. Join us to explore what culture competence means for you. How might we assess and give feedback on students' cultural competence? How do we develop cultural competence in our research students and research spaces? What do the professions really want from our graduates? And what do we bring to the table in terms of our own identities and experiences?

The Colloquium builds on and recognises the work of the university’s National Centre for Cultural Competence and the Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu (‘thinking path to make tomorrow’) Strategy. Cultural Competence is strongly featured in the Developing a distinctive undergraduate education discussion paper, released in June.

Pictures from this year's Sydney Teaching Colloquium

[1] Developing a distinctive undergraduate education discussion paper, p.12