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SISPAP running

Sports Injury, Sports Performance, and Activity Promotion

Working to optimise sports performance and minimise injuries
Our researchers collaborate with the aims of reducing the incidence of injury in sports, improving sport performance, and promoting physical activity.

About us

The Sports Injury, Sports Performance, and Activity Promotion (SISPAP) addresses research questions related to improving and sustaining enjoyable participation and achievement in physical activity.

Our members are at the forefront of research in sports performance, rehabilitation and minimising sports injuries. We focus on engagement with the community to help it's sporting population at the 'grassroots level’.

Our research

SISPAP comprises of researchers with a background in applying knowledge across a range of disciplines, including biomechanics, motor control and learning, sport psychology, nutrition, and anthropometry (not an exhaustive list). Our team has three thematic projects:

  1. Talent development in sports
  2. Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation
  3. Promotion of physical activity to reduce comorbidities of inactivity

Current Projects

  • The Talent Development Team led by Professor Ross Sanders has secured 2 industry partners for an ARC Linkage Grant application – NSW Sports High Schools Association and NSWIS/Office of Sport.
  • Project H2gr0w led by Associate Professor Stephen Cobley, tracks growth and maturation in adolescent swimmers and investigates the age effects in development and performance. 
  • Associate Professor Rhonda Orr, Associate Professor Helen O'Connor and Dr Helen Parker are conducting performance, injury, and sports nutrition research for sporting bodies including rugby league and rugby union clubs, University of Sydney Sports Clubs, and baseball clubs locally and internationally.
  • Dr Jonathan Freeston is currently working as a Sport Scientist and Research Fellow with the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team. This projects seeks to investigate factors affecting performance and injury risk, and to enhance the provision of evidence-based sport science among professional baseball players.
  • Professor Evangelos Pappas with Dr Kerry Peek, Dr Marnee Mackay, Dr Justin Sullivan, Dr Joshua Zadro and others are conducting epidemiological, prevention and clinical research on athletic knee injuries that involve the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Our people 

Research group leader

Late career researchers 

Early and mid-career researchers 


Group leader

Professor Ross Sanders
Professor Ross Sanders
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