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02 May 2018

Find your calling this National Volunteer Week

The University offers a range of volunteering opportunities that anyone can get involved in. There’s a lot to choose from, so we’ve created a brief guide to help you find the right ‘fit’.
02 May 2018

The next big step for Sydney Nano

Professor Ben Eggleton is looking forward to building on the strong foundations of the institute through its strength in quantum science, nanophotonics, nanoscale materials and molecular nanoscience.
02 May 2018

No evidence of serious mental health issues for women after abortion

Many women experience emotional responses to an abortion. However, there is no evidence that induced abortion has any significant impact on persistent and serious mental health issues, writes gynaecologist Kirsten Black.
02 May 2018

Linda Burney and June Oscar to address global gathering in Sydney

Prominent Australian politician Linda Burney and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar will address a gathering of up to 2,000 Indigenous people from around the world in November.
02 May 2018

Analysing data to understand type 2 diabetes: new study

Sydney researchers believe untapped medical records could be used to predict when a person is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D).
01 May 2018

The fight to beat breast cancer with a blood test

Working for a start-up in 2008, Dharmica Mistry made a discovery that led her to file for an international patent. Ten years on, she’s hoping to commercialise this research to address shortcomings in breast cancer detection.
01 May 2018

Mother's Day gifts in memory of three remarkable women

Mother's Day gifts often take the form of flowers and chocolates, but this year we celebrate three talented alumnae whose children are showing their love with gifts that will leave a more lasting impression.
01 May 2018

World-first synthesis of globalisation effects on people & planet

A review of the international trade footprint on people and the planet show about a third of the impact is displaced from rich to poorer nations. Consumption-based accounting is set to close loopholes like ‘carbon leakage’.
30 April 2018

Parechovirus epidemic affecting infants needs action: experts

Australia is in the grip of its third epidemic of the parechovirus (HPeV), now recognised as a leading cause of sepsis-like illness and central nervous system illness, particularly in young infants, new research led by the University of Sydney reports.
30 April 2018

How Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer win merges pop and classical

As the Pulitzer Music Prize moves away from recognising composers of traditional art music, Dr Scott Davie from Sydney Conservatorium of Music discusses the musical and political criticism behind the rapper's album DAMN.