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The latest news and expert opinion from the University of Sydney.

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26 July 2018

Great Barrier Reef reveals rapid changes of ancient glaciers

Graphs of sea levels about the time of the poorly understood Last Glacial Maximum indicated ice sheets were stable before slowly starting to melt but a new Nature paper paints a different picture, which could be bad news for the reef.
25 July 2018

Is storytelling bad for science?

Science can't exist without telling a story. The question is not whether we should use it, but how we should use it best, writes Professor Nick Enfield.
25 July 2018

University of Sydney finalists announced in Eureka Prizes

From maths to medical technology to chemistry for the future - the University celebrates five nominations in the Eureka Prizes, each displaying innovation and leadership in their efforts leading critical advances in science.
25 July 2018

First-ever quantum simulation of chemical bonds with trapped ions

In a world first, Dr Cornelius Hempel has simulated the bonds of lithium hydride and hydrogen molecules using trapped-ion qubits. This explores an important pathway for one of the first practical uses of quantum computers.
24 July 2018

Software cuts through costly hospital pharmaceutical procurement

The University of Sydney has developed a software program which could significantly reduce the amount spent by the nation's hospitals currently estimated at more than three billion dollars a year.
24 July 2018

Should you share location data of threatened species?

Should people decline nature 'selfies' to save species from the hordes and keep location data secret? Analysis of diverse case studies shows the benefits of sharing information can in some cases outweigh the risks.
23 July 2018

100 years of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning

The University of Sydney presents an immersive schedule of events to mark the centenary of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning and welcomes international architect Daniel Libeskind.
23 July 2018

Many health consumer groups fail to disclose industry sponsorship

University of Sydney experts call for greater transparency and independence by Australian health consumer groups, as new research reveals clouded disclosures about financial support and corporate sponsorship arrangements.
23 July 2018

Women under-treated for heart attack die at twice the rate of men

University of Sydney research reveals that women admitted to Australian hospitals with serious heart attacks are half as likely as men to get proper treatment and to die at twice the rate of men six months after discharge.
19 July 2018

Sunscreen reduces melanoma risk by 40 percent in young people

Melanoma is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australian men aged 25-49 years and the second most common cancer in women aged 25-49 years, after breast cancer.