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Early interventions to enhance sleep spindles and optimise memory consolidation in older adults: A high-density EEG sleep study

This study will test exciting new treatment approaches to improve cognition in older people. It involves a clinical trial to deliver an early pharmacological intervention to enhance more...

Supervisor(s): D’Rozario, Angela (Dr)

Regulation of Lipid Turnover in the body

The project involves characterisation of a novel lipolysis regulator in adipocytes. more...

Supervisor(s): James, David (Professor)

Riboflavin for corneal collagen cross-linking

Most of the clinical research evaluating outcomes of treatment for keratoconus is limited mainly owing to two reasons: 1. low sample size, and 2. short follow-up period. The Save Si more...

Supervisor(s): Watson, Stephanie (Professor), Kandel, Himal (Dr)