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Search for a cause: the role of astrocytes in the early pathology of Parkinson's disease

The projects in our lab are directed towards finding the cause of Parkinson’s Disease.  In particular we want to know what is the nature of the mechanism that sets the ne more...

Supervisor(s): Allbutt, Haydn (Dr)

Developing a cost-effective treatment program for obesity using dexamphetamine

Obesity is a major problem for our local population in Penrith. Access to treatment is limited due to lack of resources within the public sector. We are working on developing a 6 mo more...

Supervisor(s): Poulton, Alison (Dr)

Structure-based drug design with Kynurenine Aminotransferase-I

Human kynurenine amino transferase (KAT-1) forms the basis of a structure-based drug design study with implications for schizophrenia. more...

Supervisor(s): Church, W Bret (Dr)