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Health sociology, demography and international health

Dr Hossain’s research interests include: Women’s health, in particular breast cancer, reproductive health Cross-cultural issues in ageing HIV/AIDS Domestic violenc more...

Supervisor(s): Hossain, Zakia (Dr)

Health Governance, Law and Ethics

Sydney Law School offers one of the nation's leading postgraduate programs in health and medical law. Health law provids wide-ranging interdisciplinary coverage of contemporary lega more...

Supervisor(s): Magnusson, Roger (Professor), Allars, Margaret (Professor), Cashman, Peter (Professor), Stewart, Cameron (Professor)

International Law

Sydney Law School prides itself on its international focus. It is one of the few Law Schools in the country where students must complete at least one unit in International Law. The more...

Supervisor(s): Kinley, David (Professor), Nottage, Luke (Professor), Bath, Vivienne (Professor), Stephens, Tim (Professor), Mowbray, Jacqui (Associate Professor), Magnusson, Roger (Professor)