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Hot-swappable and High-efficient Grid-connected Power Electronics System for Photovoltaic Modules

This project involves the analysis of hot-swappable and high-efficient grid-connected power electronics system for photovoltaic modules. more...

Supervisor(s): Lu, Dylan (Associate Professor)

Encapsulated Next generation perovskite solar cells

This project will build the next generation of photovoltaic solar cells for addressing the air-conditioning load in buildings by converting their facades to energy harvesting surfac more...

Supervisor(s): McKenzie, David (Professor)

Modelling charge transfer in donor-acceptor molecule using TDDFT and Spintronics of main-metal organometallic chains

Two projects: (i) To identify the charge transfer mechanism in donor-bridge-acceptor molecules, whether superexchange or sequential hopping or a different mechanism, for the systems more...

Supervisor(s): Stampfl, Catherine (Professor)