Information for Prospective Students

Graduate/Postgraduate Students

Quantum Information Theory

A range of exciting research projects exist for graduate/postgraduate students enroling at the PhD level. Positions are available for domestic and international students with interests in quantum information, quantum control, atomic physics, and mesoscopics. Details of our research projects are available via the Quantum Research page.

Interested students should contact the appropriate primary investigators - Stephen Bartlett (Theory), Michael J. Biercuk (Experiment), Andrew Doherty (Theory), and David Reilly (Experiment) to discuss opportunities for postgraduate research projects. These faculty members run independent research efforts, but do collaborate strongly. Contact information can be found on the Quantum People page.

More information on opportunities for PhD studies can be found at the Future Postgraduate Students page.

Undergraduate Students

Quantum physics is a core part of the Physics curriculum at the University of Sydney. If you want to study quantum physics at the undergraduate level, you would normally enrol in the year Bachelor of Science degree and 'major' in Physics. Units of study in this degree program contain introductory and intermediate material in Quantum Physics. High-performing undergraduate students are encouraged to continue into the fourth year Honours Physics program. During that year you will have the opportunity to pursue advanced coursework and undertake research with the Quantum Science group. Research is an integral part of Honours work, but opportunities for involvement in research also exist for other undergraduate students.

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