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Academic appeals

If you believe that there is a suitable reason to contest an academic decision that affects you, you can make an academic appeal.

Academic appeals

The appeals process and advice

An academic decision is one that affects your academic assessment or progress within your award course. This includes a decision:

  • about your grades
  • about special consideration or special arrangements
  • relating to credit
  • relating to show-cause
  • to exclude you on academic grounds
  • not to re-admit or re-enrol you following exclusion
  • to terminate your candidature if you are completing a postgraduate award.

Not all decisions made by University staff are academic decisions. Non-academic decisions include those related to unit of study administration and access to University facilities. You can make a complaint about a non-academic decision.

Academic appeals process

There are three escalating stages in the academic appeals process outlined in the Appeals Rule. Each stage is managed by a different unit within the University. You will need to make sure you submit your appeal to the correct unit, depending on the stage of your appeal.

When submitting your appeal by email, you need to send it from your University email account.

The appeal process does not give you an automatic right to have an assessment reviewed or re-marked, and is not a process for negotiating higher marks.

Advice and support

Before you prepare or submit an appeal, you can get advice and support from one of the independent student organisations.

SRC and SUPRA staff are trained professionals with knowledge and experience with University regulations and responsibilities.

You can also contact the Student Affairs Unit to get help about deciding if you would like to make an appeal and for more information about the appeals process.

If you find the appeals process is causing you distress or think the outcome could be upsetting or challenging, you can contact Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). An appointment with a counsellor can give you the opportunity to discuss issues arising from your appeal and to develop new strategies to manage your studies.

Last updated: 21 December 2017

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