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Become a peer mentor

Arts and social sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Welcome and Mentoring Program runs from Welcome week until Week 8 of semester (the International Welcome and Mentoring Program runs for the whole semester).

As a senior Student Mentor, you’ll be matched with a small group of first-year students based on your field of study. You'll share your expertise on succeeding during Welcome Week and the first half of semester.

Benefits of being a mentor

Joining the Welcome and Mentoring Program gives you the opportunity to:

  • receive practical training to build your leadership skills
  • apply your unique abilities to the real world and empower other students studying in your field
  • build your network with senior student leaders, academics, new students in your field of study, and staff in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • gain access to ongoing professional skills development to prepare you for your future
  • learn a lot about yourself and have fun along the way.

Once you've completed your mentoring, you'll also receive a certificate signed by the Dean to add to your CV.

What’s involved

Becoming a Student Mentor requires you to commit to 15 hours of work, plus training (Welcome Day will make up 7-8 hours of the 15 mentoring hours required).

You will need to:

  1. attend two training sessions: Tuesday 27 November 2018 and Thursday 14 February 2019 (before Welcome Week)
  2. complete two online training activities in December and February
  3. participate in our Welcome Day for first-year students on Monday 18 February 2018 (during Welcome Week), where you will meet the students you’re mentoring
  4. meet face to face with your group once more during Welcome Week
  5. keep in touch with your students during until Week 8 of semester through a combination of face-to-face catch-ups, emails, student workshops and drop-in sessions
  6. check and make contributions to the online discussion board and provide feedback on the program.

The Mentoring Coordinator and Student Affairs and Engagement Team are always available to support you throughout your mentoring experience. Email

Mentor Leadership Team

You can volunteer to be part of the Mentor Leadership Team and further build your essential leadership skills. Your help and input will be recognised through a certificate acknowledging your contribution, presented at the end of the program.

As a member of the Mentor Leadership Team, you will be involved in activities such as:

  • welcoming students at advice days in January and February
  • working alongside the mentoring coordinator to develop and deliver Welcome Week and mentoring initiatives for first year students
  • helping with practical activities such as setting up rooms for training sessions and assembling Mentor Training packs in February
  • contributing material for our discussion board
  • assisting at Open Day and Info Day events.

Information about the Mentor Leadership Team and the opportunity to sign up will be provided at the first mentor training session.


You are eligible to apply if you have completed at least one semester of a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences degree.

You need to be available to complete the training sessions and attend the Welcome and Mentoring Welcome Day. If you can’t attend the first training session due to illness or another serious factor beyond your control, you may be able to attend a catch-up session at a later date or participate in the program in a supporting role.

How to register

You can find out more about the program and register to be a mentor in Canvas. 


You need to complete two face-to-face training sessions and some online training before you can become a student mentor.

If you can’t attend the first training session due to illness or another serious factor beyond your control, you may be able to attend a catch-up training session at a later date or participate in the program in a supporting role. Contact us at to discuss your options.

Training session 1

In this training session you will find out about the program activities and key dates. Past student mentors will share their experiences and offer useful advice. Training 1 will take place on Tuesday November 27 2018, and at the training you will:

  • learn simple but effective skills to establish a good relationship with first-year students in your group
  • develop your interpersonal and communication skills
  • meet other senior students in the faculty
  • find out about the online training activities
  • have the opportunity to join the Mentor Leadership Team.

Training session 2

This training takes place on the Thursday 14 February 2019 and involves planning our Welcome Day activities. During the training we will:

  • look at some scenarios you may encounter as a mentor and brainstorm ideas about how to deal with them
  • discuss practical information such as how to access useful information about services and activities on campus
  • provide you with a list of first-year students who you will mentor
  • distribute your mentor t-shirts
  • give you the opportunity to work with other mentors who you will share a room with on Welcome Day.

Online training activities

You'll need to complete some online training activities as part of the program. Information will be provided during your first training session.

Find out more

To find out more about the student mentor experience, including testimonials, videos and more information, visit our Welcome and Mentoring Program page. Or you can email us at

Last updated: 05 April 2019

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