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Staying on Track

Readmission after exclusion

If you’ve been excluded, you can apply to return to your course after two-years.

How to apply

To be re-admitted you’ll need to write to your faculty and receive written approval from the associate dean. Re-admission isn’t guaranteed.

In your letter you’ll need to show that during your period of exclusion you have taken steps to strengthen your skills, such as studying or work experience, to help your academic success.

If your faculty approves your re-admission, you’ll then need to submit a re-admission form and upload your faculty’s written approval.

For more information on conditions and applying for re-admission after a period of exclusion, see the Coursework Policy 2014 (pdf, 584KB).

If you would like to apply for a different course, you will need to be re-admitted to your course and pass at least one semester of study following your exclusion, or submit an application for special consideration to apply for a different course. You will need to submit a new application for the new course.

What happens next

If you’re re-admitted after a period of exclusion, the course and faculty resolutions at the time of your re-admission apply for the remainder of your degree.

If you appeal against a decision not to re-admit you after a period of exclusion, you will not be able to re-enrol while your appeal is being processed. For more information, see the Appeals rule (pdf, 96KB).

Last updated: 03 October 2018

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