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Print, scan and copy

You can access print, scan and photocopy devices at our libraries, learning hubs and computer access labs.


You can print using SydPay or UniKey systems. SydPay printers are available in all libraries and Abercrombie, Carslaw and PNR learning hubs. UniKey printers can be found in Brennan McCallum and Cumberland learning hubs and all other areas.

We are gradually phasing out the UniKey payment system, so only top up what you expect to use in the short term.

Printing cost per sheet depends on the size and type.


Black and white


A4 Single-sided



A4 Double-sided



A3 Single-sided



A3 Double-sided



If needed, you can check your print history online.


Make sure you have enough funds before attempting to print. You can find information on checking your balance or topping up your SydPay.

  1. Send your print job to the ‘Follow-me-grayscale on sydpay’ (the default) or ‘Follow-me-colour on sydpay’ printers.
  2. Go to any SydPay Follow Me printer and tap your student card on the reader (tap on/off).
  3. Select your print job and press print. You will be charged once the print job has been released.
  4. Collect your print job and don’t forget to tap off before you walk away (tap on/off) to ensure no one else can access your account after you’ve finished.

Your print job will stay on the print server for six hours before being deleted. If you don’t release your print job within this time, you’ll receive an email notification advising that your request has timed out.

Guest users will need to use the guest computers at the library to send a print job.

SydPay printers are available in all libraries and learning hubs across the main campus.


Make sure you have enough funds before attempting to print. You can check your UniKey account balance and transaction details or recharge your account online.

  1. Once you have logged in to a virtual desktop, send your document to ‘ICT-VIRTUAL-BW’ (for black and white) or ‘ICT-VIRTUAL-COLOUR’ (for colour).
  2. At the printer, log on to the print release station with your UniKey, then select your document from the queue.

Wireless printing

You can print directly from your laptop without having to use a virtual desktop by visiting the web print page and following these instructions:

  1. Select ‘Submit a Job’
  2. Under ‘Printer’ choose from ‘follow-me-webprint-colour’ or ‘follow-me-webprint-grayscale’
  3. Under ‘Options’ insert how many copies are required
  4. Under ‘Upload,’ upload you PDF or picture files from the computer
  5. Select ‘Upload and& Complete’
  6. Release the print job from a SydPay Follow Me printer.


Scanning is free from the print, scan and copy devices at our libraries, learning hubs and computer access labs. Each device works in a different way, so if you require help please talk to a member of staff at one of the staffed learning hubs.

Last updated: 03 October 2017

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