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Student entrepreneurship and innovation

Become an entrepreneur and shape the future

We give students the opportunity to achieve their full potential, with a thriving student entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Innovation in our teaching

Our reimagined Sydney Undergraduate Experience is designed to prepare students for a future full of possibilities. From 2018, every undergraduate course will include a research, entrepreneurship, industry or community project and students will build capabilities to work collaboratively across disciplines to tackle real problems with inventive solutions. 

Our students are working with industry, business and government partners in Australia and around the globe on real-world projects to positively impact society. New multidisciplinary projects give our students more opportunity than ever before to work collaboratively to build skills and gain valuable workplace experience.

From helping local artisans develop their businesses in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to formulating innovative solutions for major business and brands such as Westpac, Woolworths and NSW Art Gallery or helping local councils build better communities – our students are put on the front-lines of problem-solving.

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More than 100 short subjects will be available to all students in the University’s new Open Learning Environment OLE, with many focusing on building entrepreneurial skills. Through free access to the OLE, any student can learn the baseline skills for future success – such as how to code, understanding design thinking and project management, not to mention the unit on business entrepreneurship itself.

We’re harnessing technology to break the limitations of the traditional classroom and provide students an immersive, engaging learning experience. Our experimental Immersive Learning Lab uses virtual reality and computing horsepower to explore highly interactive and explorative environments. It’s an educational innovation with endless possibilities; whether it’s walking through remote villages in Africa for a lesson in humanitarian engineering, or observing quasars in the far reaches of the galaxy.

There’s ample room for creativity and our students can take advantage of our resources? at any time. Thinkspace is decked out with a 3D printer, 3D carver and lots of other gadgets free for any student to book to their express their creative side and experiment with technology. Our Invention studio takes it another step, helping students bring inventions to reality with machinery and tools to develop and manufacture prototypes.

Creating entrepreneurs

Work as we know it is changing faster than ever and we are changing the way we teach to equip our students for the jobs of tomorrow. A range of programs exist across the University to help students develop entrepreneurial skills and nurture innovative ideas to bloom into successful start-up enterprises. 

The Innovation Hub supports students interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaboration. It provides a facility that allows undergraduate and postgraduate students from all faculties across the University to co-create and innovate with other students, academics, alumni, industry and community.

The Hub’s aim is provide an approachable, collaborative and supportive environment for experimentation. Its programs include HatchLab, a 12-month startup incubator; Springboard, a program for creativity and idea development program; and a panel event series called Insights into Startups which provides a great opportunity for students to learn about the intricacies of running or working in a start-up.

Students at the Hub gain access to:

  • co-working space
  • experts in residence
  • expert helpdesks
  • professional development seminars
  • networking events
  • industry roundtables
  • mentoring and advice
  • seed funding.

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Sydney Genesis is one of our cross-faculty startup programs, run from the University of Sydney Business School. Founded in 2008, it has supported more than 900 students and alumni develop their commercial and social enterprises.

Each semester, more than 50 students enrol in the program gaining access to weekly workshops, mentoring with entrepreneurs and business leaders and pitching opportunities to secure resources and support. Teams create a viable business plan, develop a working MVP/prototype and gain market traction. Select teams present their ideas at our final pitch, where judges award cash and in-kind prizes.

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INCUBATE is a program supported by the student-led University of Sydney Union and provides a community of entrepreneurs on campus with seed funding, professional mentoring and accelerator programs for high potential startups.  The program also hosts regular workshops and information sessions that current students, researchers and alumni who want help building their high-growth, tech innovative startup can attend.

The variety of ideas that have come through the program is huge, from ‘eBay for cows’, babysitter apps, vertical gardens, project management apps, clever keyboards, health and wellbeing aids and event planning tools. INCUBATE welcomes applications from University of Sydney students, alumni and researchers. The program helps startups at all stages, but it is recommended you have a prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) when applying for the accelerator.

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Student Leadership Academy

Develop your leadership skills for good

The Student Leadership Academy (SLA) student community supports collaboration from diverse backgrounds to tackle the big challenges facing the world.

Inventing the Future

20 students from multiple faculties join forces to tackle real problems facing health, energy and sustainability.

“Our new curriculum is designed to equip all of our students with the qualities that they will need to succeed and be leaders in a very different world.”
Professor Adam Bridgeman, Director of Educational Innovation.

Entrepreneurial careers

Discover your inner entrepreneur

Gain experience and build the entrepreneurial skills valued by industry, whether you have a business idea to develop or are seeking employment with a startup.