Sydney Genesis StartUp Program

Applications for semester 2 are closed.

If you want to meet our teams, you can attend our Kick Off Night on the 20th of August from 5 to 7 pm at New Law Building SR 105. You can also download the teams backgrounds and business ideas report.

About Sydney Genesis

The Genesis Start Up Program is the longest running start up program at the University of Sydney. At Sydney Genesis, we believe that when business and technology start-ups work side by side with social entrepreneurs, a truly unique exchange of knowledge and inspiration flourishes. Our program is open to students and Alumni from any background who are passionate about their ideas in business, technology or social entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to helping them bring their ideas to life through workshops, mentoring, networking, funding and prizes.

Sydney Genesis operates in the pursuit of four key objectives:

  1. To challenge and empowers our students to build businesses that are profitable, smart and have heart.
  2. To bridge theoretical learning in the classroom with real-world applicability to meet the challenges of industry, the government and the broader community.
  3. To extend and enhance the University's entrepreneurship teaching through all faculties and at all levels from undergraduate students to executive education;
  4. To provide practical networking opportunities and bridge the gap between students and entrepreneurial communities, both locally and abroad;

The program is developed through the year, holding different activities such as workshops, start up nights, mentoring sessions and the Final Pitch. For more information see our important dates page.

To join us as a mentor, judge, donor, or to suggest a new method of supporting Sydney Genesis, please contact us at

EDNA Genesis: Start Up Programs Network in South East Asia

The Genesis Program is currently in the process of expanding to South East Asia though a relationship with EDNA (Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia). Thank to the partnerships developed with local organizations, in 2014 EDNA Genesis has being held in Myanmar and Indonesia. In 2015, the program will expand to India and Vietnam.

EDNA Asia group

The main objectives of EDNA Genesis are:

  • Create an international network of young undergraduates and postgraduates students and academics interested in entrepreneurship
  • Promote social entrepreneurship and women in business while teaching business and communication skills
  • Share knowledge, online materials and networks among the programs
  • Encourage partners to engage in sponsorships with local businesses and organizations to make the program sustainable

If you are interested in introducing EDNA Genesis as part of your organization program, please contact us through: For more information about EDNA, please visit our website.